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Alyssa is 5 years, 9 months old.

This video was taken 7/10/07. I wanted her to tell her own story so I asked her to tell me what we did at Build-a-Bear. This is what she said, "Build a bear, what's next, I see build a bear, what's next... (She isn't sure how to start her story, so I try to get her refocused) Ummm, build a, pick a, build a bear is a kitty and we gonna fill it up... and we getta heart to fill to put in and we have to pick shoes and a buy a house and shorts and T-shirts... and long sleeves. And I got, when we paid, when we paid that lady gave me... put it in, ummm, of...of a house for my kitty...(a couple of words that I can't make out) That's all bye"

Let Alyssa's mother, Kim, know what you think of her speech, by writing to her at

Alyssa is 5 years old.

This first video was taken 10/31/06. She says,
"I went trick or treating, and get candies, and get lots of candies. Bye bye." This was in her own words without any prompting. (I did find it I challenge to tape Alyssa saying more than just a few words but the excitement of Halloween made it much easier.)

Let Alyssa's mother, Kim, know what you think of her speech, by writing to her at

Alyssa's Story
by Kim

Alyssa is now 5 years old. Her official diagnosis was made when she was around 3.5 years old. No one has ever mentioned if her Apraxia is mild or moderate.

Alyssa has been in therapy since the age of 2. She attended preschool and junior Kindergarten at a school for children with communication disabilities. While there she was given intense speech therapy and also Occupational therapy to help improve her social skills. I feel that because she attended that school that is the reason Alyssa has improved so much. I sometimes wonder how Alyssa would be doing in comparison if she didn't receive as much therapy up to this point.

She is now in Senior Kindergarten and she no longer qualifies to attend that school due to her age. I have now employed a Speech and Language Therapist to visit Alyssa twice a month for 45 minute sessions. I am given lots of exercises to do in between which we spend about 15 minutes each day.

She has improved so much since her diagnoses. When I think back just a few years ago she was communicating with sign language and now she has so much to say. She still has a lot of trouble with more complex language. The more she has to say the more trouble she has. Unfortunately, she is well aware of this and tends to stay within her comfort zone, which usually is short and sweet.

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