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Halley is 4.5 years old. This is her first recording on 12/15/01.

Click here to listen to Halley on 12/15/01 and hear her say, "But if a bear enjoys his day and doesn't dawdle on his way, then even if the sun won't shine, everything will work out fine! Thank you-- Bye Bye!"

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Halley's Story
by Liz Miller

For those who have heard of my story from the beginning, I apologize in advance, but felt like sharing my story again, for those new to the post not hearing of it before. 

Halley has been in speech therapy since she was 2.3, at the time she could say 5 words, only understandable by me and my husband. She was in the special ed pre-school program at age 3, and received additional speech therapy 3 times a week by the county therapist, along with the speech therapist from the EIP 2 times a week. 

Both speech therapists would report behavior issues, that she was withdrawn, unwilling to cooperate, and that she basically fought the speech therapists in every way. At the beginning of this school year, she attended a "regular" pre-k program, and continued to receive the speech therapy from both therapists. By October of this year, she could do a few basic signs, say 65 words, and maybe put two word sentences together. 

Then I came across Pro-Efa, and decided to start a website about an online journal of progress. Just to prove to myself if there would be any progress. So I started the Pro-Efa, and the very next day there were new words, and after one month of taking the Pro-Efa she was at 154+ words, and using 3 word sentences, and sometimes 4 word sentences. 

Now after 2 months, she is close to 200 words, and the articulation problems are still there, but the words are becoming clearer, and there are more to her vocabulary than ever with the speech therapy alone. Both speech therapists are unaware that she is taking the Pro-Efa, and both have reported to me this week, that the behavior issues are all but gone, and she is cooperating, not withdrawn and her words are coming so much clearer now. 

I continue with the website, and now have decided to add more children, I want this to be about more than just my child. I am convinced that the Pro-Efa has helped my child tremendously. You can read more in detail about my story, and see the other kids too at my site: 

My mom who has fibromyalgea is going to start taking the Pro-Efa, she took one the other day, and noticed a huge difference in the way she slept and the pain she experiences everyday was gone. She told me that with the Fibro, the brain sends false signals to the body that she is in pain, and believed that the one Pro-Efa she took helped her, but that she wants to start taking them regularly too make sure. 

She actually has all the symptoms of ulcers, but there are no ulcers. She feels at times she is going crazy, because of all false signals. That I will keep everyone informed of, once she starts taking them regularly. 

Thanks for all support from everyone, and thanks for listening to my story...again! 

Liz Miller 

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