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Kal, Thanks for sharing your voice with us!
You can read a GREAT essay written by Kal about his experience with Apraxia by clicking here.
Today is 7/13/00 and Kal is 13 years, 8 months old. He was diagnosed with "moderate to severe" Apraxia in the 3rd grade. At his current age (13) his mother's assessment of Kal speech is "resolved." Kal and JD are brothers..

Kal is telling me his thoughts as to how the apraxia is affecting his hands. Click here to listen to Kal on 7/13/00, "Yeah, I think it's, because I think that the other one you don't require fingers, like only three fingers, to keep going, you use all of them. And with these ones, with the writing and everything, you only use like some, and your other fingers, and that, it makes, I think, I don't know--this is a theory. It makes  those two fingers tired because not all of the others ones are working. But that's just my theory, I don't know if it's..."

Kal added his Pledge of Allegiance to this page on 8/3/00. Click here to listen.

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