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Let Kaleb's mother, Ashleigh, know what you think of Kaleb's speech, by writing to her at
Kaleb  is 4 years, 6 months old today 1/8/06. 

Click here to hear his speech from 1/8/06. In this clip he says, "Umm my name Kaleb, even I like to play on swing, even on bike, even play in Carter’s house, even umm play with cars, even play with my, my house, Bob the Builder House and slide…. Bye Bye, Love you"

Kaleb's History

Kaleb is now 4yrs and 6 months old. He started speech therapy at 2yrs and 6 months old and has continued since then. He gets 80 minutes per week. The diagnoses of "moderate to severe" Apraxia came at 3yrs and 2 months old, and then in November 2005 it was upgraded to “Severe” Apraxia along with SI and Hypotonia.

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