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Dear Parents:

I decided to create the page because we never heard any other Apraxic children. Brandon was my only child at the time and when he didn't talk I just thought it was a delay. I had no other children to compare his progress with.

Then when I looked into the matter and found out he had Apraxia, I asked the doctor, "What are his chances of Brandon ever speaking normally? What happens to these kids after therapy? How much improvement can I expect?"

As you know, there are no concrete answers to these questions. Brandon is a classic case of Apraxia. He has NO OTHER issues (at that time). Just speech. Fine motor, good...hearing is good...no SI. Only Apraxia.

It was a long time before I actually heard another Apraxic kid speak. I wished that when I first found out about Brandon's condition that I could have someone else's child to compare Brandon's speech with so I could have a feel of what to expect. I wanted to know if our treatment is working or not. Are others having the same improvement, more improvement, less improvement, and why.

Brandon has had therapy since age 4. Now you can compare Brandon's speech and progress with your own child's. You can hear his progress, get an idea of what your child might speak like at age 6, age 7, etc. You can let me know if Brandon is at the same point as your child was at that age. Is Brandon's progress faster or slower? Why? Is it the therapy? Is it random?

I would love to hear an apraxic adult speak. I want to know what the chances are that Brandon will EVER speak clearly enough for everyone to understand. Although I "know" what he wants I personally have trouble understanding what he says. My son, Grant, is VERY good at understanding Brandon.

Also, if you want to add your child to the page, just let me know.

Thanks for listening.
Scott Bilker

Note to parents with children on this page:

Keep in touch with me so we can keep updating the speech and photos periodically. Please send me your e-mail address so people who listen to your kids can send their comments to you directly. You can write to me at Scott@debtsmart.com.

How to get your child on the Talking Page:
You can snail-mail me a photo and tape recording or send the stuff by e-mail. The recording should be about 30 seconds and come with a detailed written list of what is said. Prior to sending anything, please let me know so I can provide further instructions. Contact me at Scott@debtsmart.com.

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