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Inside Edition (8/2000)

Talking Page Home

In August 2000 Inside Edition, hosted by Deborah Norville, recorded a story about Apraxia to raise awareness. They interview me (Scott Bilker), Brandon, Lisa and Glenn Geng (Children's Apraxia Network/CHERAB Foundation), Kal, and more. 

Below are photos from the show which I heard ran in TX and NY. Also, I've included some behind-the-scenes photos. (You can watch the video using Windows Media here.)

#1 Inside Edition 

#2 Host Deborah Norville

#3 Deborah's introduction 

#4 Scott Bilker

#5 Brandon (Apraxic) and Scott looking at the computer.

#6 Brandon jump in the pool.

#7 Brother Grant, sister Brooke, and Brandon. Grant is helping Brandon recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

#8 Brandon doing a front thrust kick with instructor, Master Greg Hussey.

#9 Scott and Larissa Bilker. 

#10 Scott and Brandon looking at the Talking Page.

#11 Lori Roth Speech Therapist.


#12 Tanner (Apraxic) and Glenn Geng playing outside.

#13 Glenn Geng

#14 Lisa Geng (Childrens Apraxia Network/CHERAB Foundation) and Glenn Geng.

#15 Glenn and Tanner

#16 Lisa Geng.

#17 Brother Dakota and Tanner.


#18 Older photo of Tanner.

#19 Tanner in therapy.


#20 Clair Cantor

#21 Kal (Apraxic)


#22 Rachel Horowitz (Apraxic)

#23 Old photo of Rachel Horowitz.


#24 Lisa Geng at Children's Hospital for Apraxia support group meeting.

#25 Behind the scenes--Scott, Larissa, and producer Stefanie Linzer. 

#26 Behind the scenes--Producer Stefanie Linzer (Inside Edition).

#27 Behind the scenes--Kenny Chow on camera. 

#28 Behind the scenes--Sound man Bud Brady with Kenny Chow.

#29 Behind the scenes--Stefanie, Kenny, and Bud interviewing Brandon Bilker's Uncle Chris Crammer.


#30 Behind the scenes--Bud with Brandon. They really got along great! Good buddies for sure.

#31 Behind the scenes--Brandon getting therapy from MaryBeth Byrne. She's been his speech therapist since he started in early intervention.

#32 Behind the scenes--Kenny getting it all on tape.

#33 Behind the scenes--MaryBeth getting interviewed by Stefanie. 

#34 Behind the scenes--Close up. MaryBeth getting interviewed by Stefanie. 

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